We are pleased to have you on the website Laren Online. Terms of use apply to the site and the companies of our group or our partners. As well as all of its divisions, branches and affiliate internet sites that refer to these terms and conditions as a safe reference for them.


Dear guest, during your visit to the site, you guarantee your acceptance of the current terms and conditions. If you do not agree to them, you may not use the site. Note that the site reserves the right to change or amend parts of the terms of use and provisions or add some of them, or remove them at any time. The changes become effective when they are posted on the website without notice. Please review the Terms of Use and Conditions regularly to keep up with all updates. Your continued use of the website constitutes your full acceptance of all changes that are made to the terms of use and provisions.

1. Please note that in some cases, an order may not be approved for several reasons, for example if the product you want to buy is not available or if the product is incorrectly priced. Lareen Online will refund what you paid for requests that were not accepted or that are canceled. Before we accept the order, we may ask you to provide additional information, including but not limited to phone number and address or official documents proving your identity.

2. All intellectual property rights on the Lareen Online website, and all information, designs, graphics, writings, icons, pictures, videos, music, sound, interfaces, symbols and programs, as well as how to choose and arrange them, is the exclusive property of Lareen Online, subject to copyright protection.

3. When purchasing or sending an email to the Daleel Store website, you agree to receive any emails from us.

4. Larrain Online has the right to make any amendments or changes to the site and to the policies and agreements associated with the site, including the privacy policy, as well as the document for the terms and conditions of service.


Purchase Laws: -

1- In some cases, some requests are reviewed and it may take from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

2- E-vouchers and cards that have been viewed from your account. Or it was delivered via e-mail or a message on the mobile phone that is not completely returnable or exchangeable, unless there is a defect in the company.

4- Larrain Online has all the powers to approve or cancel the request without referring to you for any reason whatsoever.

5- After receiving the order, Lareen Online is not responsible for any loss or damage to the commodity that was purchased through it. And any loss or damage that the buyer may suffer for this reason.

6- Larrain Online has the right to demand some data related to you, such as an ID card, passport, credit card, or bank account statement, in order to confirm the correctness and safety of the purchasing process.

7- Lareen Online Company has full authority to send any data related to the account holder if the Lareen Online administration is notified by any payment method without referring to the account holder or obtaining approval from him.

8- The customer must have the email registered in Lareen Online that is completely identical to the mail used via any discrepancy that may lead to the request being canceled and refunded.

9- Our dear customer, please look at these laws related to payment through the payment gateway when you agree to them, you are subject to the laws and conditions of Laryn Online.

10- It is not allowed to use any VPN proxy during the purchasing process, and it may lead to disruption / defects in the purchasing process.

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